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We offer Publishers two unique solutions

Vid Explore™

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Our proprietary AI scans your webpage and analyzes user preferences to generate a relevant playlist from a library of over 3M licensed videos from over 2K brands that increases engagement, time on site and revenues.

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Vid Crunch™

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Create your own video inventory using our proprietary AI technology to automatically transforms your editorial content into monetizable videos! Drive internal circulation, increase engagement & revenues.

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Why do Publishers choose VidCrunch?

Fresh & Engaging Content

Engaging Content

  • Each video linked to content on your site
  • AI driven design based on your content (News, Sports, etc.)
  • AI technology helps generate customizable playlists relevant on any page


  • Fully automated production platform
  • Dynamic videos updated daily
Additional Revenues

Additional Revenues

  • New revenue streams
  • Plug into our premium marketplace
  • Plug-in your demand to maximize every opportunity
Simple integration

Simple Integration

  • Embed one line of code and that’s all
  • GAM support
Smart Player

Smart Player

  • Variety of behaviors including sticky, floating and in-content
  • Utilize licensed videos, bring your own, or use ours
Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboard & Analytics

  • Intuitive reports focus on your key metrics
  • Advanced reporting features

Introducing Focus™

Our whiteglove service which allows you to Focus on creating content while we Focus on monetization.

Ad Formats

Ad Formats

  • In-Stream Video
  • Display
  • Interstitials
  • Rewarded video (in-app)
  • Native
  • Audio


  • Video Player
  • Video Content
  • CMS
  • CDN
  • AdServer
  • Dashboard


  • Integrations
  • Content licensing
  • Troubleshooting
  • Programmatic
  • Demand from day 1
  • Optimization

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Why Us

VidCrunch was created to help website owners to grow and monetize their audience on their own sites. It’s expensive to grow traffic on your properties today. Once you get the audience to your site, it is essential to maximize dwell time, increase page views, and keep them as engaged as possible - this can be hard and expensive. To make ends meet, many sites decide to run promoted content which links out to content and websites which they do not own - is it worth the pennies? We don’t think so!

VidCrunch uses your content to keep your audience on your site longer - consuming more of your content. Our solutions drive user engagement, retention, and increased revenues for global digital publishers across verticals from news, sports, food, and DIY to ecommerce shops and even DTC brands.

We have transformed millions of static pages, videos, images, and text into monetizable videos. Our proprietary Smart Video Producer (SVP™) uses AI technology to automatically ingest any type of static content and quickly transform it to video with no additional people or infrastructure needed.

Spend more time creating content and let VidCrunch maximize your revenue through our video and display expertise. We make it as simple and quick as possible to monetize your site.

VidCrunch - Reinvent Your Story!

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