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Increase revenues with our smart unit which turns any static webpage into a highly engaging video!

Why do Publishers choose VidCrunch?

Introducing our Smart Video Producer - SVP™

Simple integration

Simple Integration

  • Embed one line of code and that’s all
  • No latency risk


  • Fully automated production platform
  • Dynamic videos that can be updated daily
Smart Units

Smart Units

  • Supports variety of ad units, including in-banner, floating, in-text, etc.
  • Fast load times
Fresh & Engaging Content

Fresh & Engaging Content

  • In-stream storytelling keeps your audience engaged
  • Dozens of templates to best suit your content (News, Sports, etc.)
Additional Revenues

Additional Revenues

  • New revenue streams
  • Use your demand or plug into our premium marketplace
Dashboard & Analytics

Dashboard & Analytics

  • Intuitive reports focus on your key metrics
  • Advanced reporting features

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Our proprietary algorithm scans your web pages and automatically transforms your editorial content (photos & text) into monetizable videos!

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About Us

VidCrunch is based in San Francisco, CA and specializes in turning static content into engaging and monetizable videos.

We have transformed millions of static pages, text, and images into vivid videos. Our proprietary Smart Video Producer (SVP™) technology automatically scans any type of static content (text and images) and quickly transforms it to video. No editing or set-up required.

Our solution drives user engagement, retention, and increased revenues for global digital publishers. Visit our Publishers to experience their VidCrunch in action.

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